Středisko pro podporu studentů se specifickými potřebami ČVUT

What is the ELSA Centre

ELSA is the support centre for students with special needs. ELSA helps people with a disability, dyslexia, dysgraphia, etc. ELSA is a workplace attached to the department of studies and student affairs at the rectorate of CTU in Prague. In support of students with special needs, ELSA provides services to ensure that they can benefit fully from their studies.

What Kind of Service ELSA provides

The digitizing and library service provides access to study literature, including adapting specialized symbols and transforming materials to a tactile form. For students with hearing difficulties, there is a visualizing and transcribing service and also an interpreting service.

The assistance offered by ELSA covers assistance with studies, personal assistance and spatial orientation training.

Through the organisational and methodological service, students receive training in study and work strategies (if these need to be supplemented), as well as individual tuition when needed.

The technical service provides access for students to technical equipment in accordance with their type of disability, including the opportunity to loan certain equipment.


An integral part of the services that are provided is sufficient advice and help to ensure that students make effective use of the ELSA services and understand what ELSA can offer in the context of their studies.


Contact us via email address stredisko@elsa.cvut.cz.


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