[Fanda] pokud nekdo uvazuje o brailskem radku od adaptechu mozna zajimava inoFw:

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Pondělí Říjen 25 21:37:30 CEST 2010

pokud uvazujete o brailiantu preposilam mozna zajimavy email.

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From: Gubernator, Michaela 
To: Gubernator, Michaela 
Cc: van Weele, Niels 
Sent: Monday, October 25, 2010 4:30 PM

Dear Customer,

The new JAWS-drivers that have been developed by BAUM have only very recently been digitally signed by Freedom Scientific. Last week these drivers have been released by BAUM.

These drivers are running with JAWS 10, 11 and 12 (the latter only available in English as public beta).

The operating systems supported are Windows XP, Windows VISTA and Windows 7 (Windows 7 both 32 and 64 bit).

These drivers support all current BAUM USB and/or Bluetooth Braille displays such as SuperVario, SuperVario2, VarioConnect, VarioPro as well as BAUM organizers Pronto!, but also HumanWare Brailliants and BrailleConnects.

The older Braille displays BAUM DM 80 and BAUM VARIO (RBT) are not supported by these drivers as Freedom Scientific prohibits signed driver support for serial connections and only allows USB and Bluetooth interfaces.

These drivers can be downloaded from the following English BAUM website: http://www.baum.de/cms/en/support/

The download is a ZIP-archive. After unzipping an installation program will be found as well as documentation and installation instructions in both English and German.

These drivers are a newer version then the previously announced version amongst our beta-testers. A sporadic "Assertion error" has been solved and these drivers have been newly signed by Freedom Scientific. Also a problem with missing key mappings for the Braille displays has been solved.

We trust to have been of service to you with this information. Should you have any further questions about this topic, please feel free to contact your local dealer or if necessary BAUM directly.

Additional information: New COBRA 9.1 screen reader / screen magnifier from BAUM will be released in the next few weeks. Please ask us to keep you updated about COBRA 9.1 so we can send you a free demo by then, or ask for a brochure now!

With best regards,

Your BAUM-Team


In der Au 22



Tel.: +49 6223 4909-321

Fax: +49 6223 4909-397

E-mail: info na baum.de

Web: www.baum.de/cms/en/

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