[Fanda] Eliška a cena

MAREK DURILA marekdurila na seznam.cz
Pátek Srpen 8 12:04:34 CEST 2008

Ahojte posilam original zpravu co jsem obdrzel:

Hello Marek,
Actually, you can purchase the Eliska voice at 490 Euros directly from us.
This voice has not been integrated yet in the DVD version but you can download the file from our online evaluation page and send us the license key and we will provide you with a commercial license.
This is only available for the Infovox Desktop product.
Should you require more details, do not hesitate to ask.

                                                        Takze 490
                                                        Euro, hm, no
                                                        uvidime jestli
                                                        by se nenasla
                                                              M D

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