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Čtvrtek Květen 4 13:19:39 CEST 2006

Zdravim, nova verse Skipe klienta ma krome hromady ruznych novych funkci a oprav take dve velice zaiimave z hlediska uzivatelu screenreaderu a to nasledujici:
change: Accessibility: contact mood text accessible via MSAA 
change: Accessibility: Implement MSAA support for search results 
Takze by se mohlo opet o neco pohodlneji pracovat se Skipe
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Change Log
03.05.2006 version
feature: Ability to Send SMS 
feature: Predictive Dialer 
feature: Shared Groups 
feature: View Outlook Contacts 
feature: Payments in Client 
feature: Improved Account Creation 
feature: Improved Upgrade 
feature: Call quality Feedback 
feature: Simplified Installation 
feature: Voice level indicators in conference call 
feature: File Transfer resumes after restart of Skype 
feature: API group types PROPOSED_SHARED_GROUP and SHARED_GROUP (protocol 6 only), commands ALTER GROUP xx SHARE <text> and ALTER GROUP xx ACCEPT/DENY 
feature: API commands GET CALL xx RATE and GET CALL xx RATE_CURRENCY 
feature: API commands SET UI_LANGUAGE <iso> and GET UI_LANGUAGE 
change: Improved video quality 
change: Removed windows platform check for video 
change: Disable the Test Webcam button when Skype knows there is no webcam present 
change: Improve error message when sending files to Pocket PC users 
change: Replaced some ringtones 
change: Accessibility: contact mood text accessible via MSAA 
change: Accessibility: Implement MSAA support for search results 
change: Language file editor has simple search and ordering possibilities 
change: Profile window changed to non-modal 
change: Clarified 'contact details' in authorization requests 
change: Sound file too big error shown already on import 
change: Improved dialog wordings 
change: Current chat window position at beginning of unread messages when opening the window 
change: Only focused emoticon is animated in the emoticons roster 
change: API protocol 6 
change: API: conference calls that had been made or received with version 2.0 or older are not considered as conf calls any more 
change: API: After conference call is finished, CONF_PARTICIPANTS_COUNT shows number of all participants no matter when they had left 
change: ew language files Bulgarian (Nikolay Filipov & Nikolina Filipova , Czech (Petr Silon) , German (Claudius Henrichs & Dick Schiferli), Estonian (Eve Loopere), Hungarian (Mark Bender & Laszlo Koncz & Gabor Stefanik), Italian (Daniele Conte) , Norwegian (Stig Auestad), Dutch (Kees Koenders), Polish (Karol Szastok), Portuguese (Francisco Ferreira), French (Fabrice Imperial & Bruno Lépaulard), Spanish (David Reche), Finnish (Heino Keränen), Swedish (Anders Olsson) Turkish (Emin Dede), Romanian (Peter Henning), Arabic (Sophia Hammoudeh from Maktoob / Eriksen), Chinese Simplified (Leon Yang from , Chinese Traditional (Carlos Lee, Morden Chen from Pchome), Mayu Shimizu (Japanese), Anna Nystrom (Brasilian Portuguese) 
bugfix: SkypeOut call quality deteriorated in long calls over bad network 
bugfix: Fixed some corner cases where presence was shown incorrectly 
bugfix: Mood message was truncated incorrectly 
bugfix: Chinese symbols input to chat window problem with Wubi Input Methods 
bugfix: No confirmation on deleting Voicemail 
bugfix: Remove my mood message from 'my panel' title when opened 
bugfix: Video not updated when on hold 
bugfix: Pressing "cancel" did not restore previous settings for Voicemail in options 
bugfix: Calling invalid number with callto: did not show error dialog 
bugfix: Default action button in multichat for people you have not authorized should be 'add', not 'call' 
bugfix: Ampersand does not show correctly on tab header 
bugfix: Double click did not work on quickfiltered chats 
bugfix: After applying Quick Filter the previous group was changed 
bugfix: Could not select URL in chat 
bugfix: After adding new SkypeOut number Skype should focus on it 
bugfix: When only one contact in the contact list, it should always be expanded 
bugfix: Sort order in Contact List does not follow local collation order 
bugfix: User Interface language change not applied to error message 
bugfix: TypeDown search does not start at focused contact 
bugfix: Long filenames were not truncated in File Transfer window 
bugfix: API: If APPLICATION for app2app communication was created and closed without deleting it, next time it was impossible to create it again. 
bugfix: API: BTN_RELEASED deleted first character entered on Addressbar 
bugfix: API: OPEN SENDCONTACTS to multiple targets did not add recipients to form 
bugfix: API: Setting TIMEZONE bigger than 86400 was broken 
bugfix: API: ALTER VOICEMAIL actions were not returned uppercase 
bugfix: API: Sometimes on deleting voicemail notification VOICEMAIL xx STATUS DELETING was missing 
bugfix: API: SEARCH MESSAGES <username> returned other users' messages also 
known issue: upgrading to 2.5 and downgrading from 2.5 might take time depending on call history length 
known issue: conference call participant names lost in call history after upgrade 
known issue: DTMF tones from dialpad do not work 
19.04.2006 version
change: updated German, Japanese, traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese language files 
bugfix: API: crash when sending messages from application to application 
bugfix: improved detection in case webcam is used by another application 
bugfix: improved automatic time zone calculation 
bugfix: English Voicemail message played instead of Chinese 
16.03.2006 version
bugfix: API Memory leak when changing avatar continuously 
bugfix: wrong error code after inputting an invalid number 
01.03.2006 version
change: Added SkypeOut promotion button 
fix: Relayed Skype-2-Skype call quality improvements 
08.02.2006 version
bugfix: Video error message displayed in conference calls 
bugfix: Skype did not shut down properly if USB flash drive was ejected forcefully 
01.02.2006 version
feature: Web status 
bugfix: Dialog windows now use background colors from Windows Scheme 
bugfix: Accessibility: Contact mood text not in MSAA 
bugfix: Can not add a PSTN contact from History 
bugfix: Missing group name when hiding group 
bugfix: Contactlist: sort order does not follow local collation order 
25.01.2006 version
change: Import Contacts Wizard logic improvements 
bugfix: PublicAPI: Expanded Contact Groups property did not change 
bugfix: Access Violation spawned when signoff is executed and Options screen is open 
bugfix: Proxy options were not saved properly when proxy address started with https: 
bugfix: Accessibility: (and earlier) MSAA State_System_Selected not set accurately in lists 
bugfix: LOGIN: username is not remembered, if login fails 
bugfix: LOGIN: "Help" link did not work 
bugfix: Line break did not work in Mood message field (Japanese version only) 
19.01.2006 version
bugfix: crashes when DEP is supported in hardware 
bugfix: AUTH: auth request with large fonts 
bugfix: mix of RTL and LTR text in chat messes up text ordering 
bugfix: Hebrew lang update 
bugfix: Updated chinese simplified lang file 
bugfix: Greek EULA update 
bugfix: video is not stopped fully when call is joined to conference 
bugfix: CTRL-A doesn’t select all in MM edit 
change: Legal notice for Packard Bell 
change: Profile window should be non-modal 
bugfix: crash when terminating forwarded call 
bugfix: crash after quick remote hold,resume,hangup sequence 
bugfix: mutex deadlock with too active API client 
bugfix: PublicAPI: treat most groups as hidden by default 
some connectivity improvements 
05.01.2006 version
feature: Skype video (webcam) 
feature: contact grouping 
feature: quickfilter in contact list and history (enable from Options->Advanced) 
feature: new language - Portuguese (Portugal) 
feature: new sound events for chat user join, leave and incoming message to existing chat 
feature: chats and conference calls shown in history 
feature: expandable "My Panel" (mood, events, services integrated) 
feature: add contact directly from main window 
feature: show file transfers in history 
feature: quickfilter in history 
feature: delete single or multiple history items 
feature: compact chat participant list 
feature: save user's last auth request 
feature: API commands GET/SET PCSPEAKER 
feature: API command SET VIDEO_IN <devicename> 
feature: dropping file onto calltab initiates FT 
change: auth requests new design 
change: changed group selection hotkeys to Ctrl-PgUp/PgDn 
change: call tab visual layout changed 
change: UI design elements changes 
change: tray icon flag animation on missed events 
change: tray icon connecting animation 
change: changed "Free Internet Telephony" to "The whole world can talk for free" in file description 
change: import contacts error dialog displayed when there is nowhere to import contacts from 
change: file transfer in DND mode open file transfer dialog in minimized mode 
change: new installer and uninstaller icons 
change: history limited to 30 days for all events 
change: new login animation 
change: new layout for sound options 
change: show my buddy count as an option in profile 
change: new design for user creation 
change: new design for log in 
change: main/tools menu reshuffled 
change: new sounds 
change: display full name in profile 
change: included "Classic" sounds in Sounds Options 
change: video not supported messages for Win98/2000 
change: mood message removed from profile 
bugfix: drag and drop to chat - whole window should accept target 
bugfix: accessibility: tab navigation on login dialog 
bugfix: missing window title string for remove group dialog 
bugfix: MSAA result codes on lists 
bugfix: accessibility: can't navigate to related tasks in options 
bugfix: accessibility: advanced settings not accessible by tab 
bugfix: accessibility: make 'Your e-mail will be kept private...' link accessible 
bugfix: 98/Me: some languages in EULA not shown 
bugfix: doubleclick on tray icon brings main form to top correctly 
bugfix: JPY sign not displayed in client 
bugfix: import contacts search made faster 
bugfix: Voicemail was not played if enter is pressed 
bugfix: low credit notification improved 
bugfix: voicemail menu item should be visible for non voicemail subscribers 
bugfix: login - save button should be disabled, if one password is unfilled 
bugfix: login - incorrect error message, if Skype Name starts with non-Latin letter 
bugfix: Skype UI doesn't follow Windows DPI changes 
bugfix: accessibility: speed dial announcement not reported via MSAA 
bugfix: contact list - delete does not work on multiselect 
bugfix: API notifications missing 
bugfix: add a contact and search are not changed maximize on dual-head 
bugfix: My Profile - each month contains 30 days 
bugfix: call forwarding and voicemail statuses in MSAA 
bugfix: profile view: not been online for long time? 
bugfix: chat participant list MSAA support 
bugfix: multichat doesn't update names when contacts change them 
bugfix: invalid date in profile 
bugfix: profile: Default day item in birthday dropdown 
bugfix: hotkeys value not changeable back to 'blank' 
bugfix: better usability of several forms with high dpi settings 
bugfix: error messages when webcam in use or not detected 
bugfix: can't send contacts to muptiple users. 
bugfix: memory leak in conference calls 
bugfix: History - Click on sent file opens C: 
bugfix: 98/Me: Cannot drag and drop files to send 
bugfix: call error descriptions were not displayed 
bugfix: installer only deletes default avatars 
bugfix: API - add OPEN VIDEOTEST command 
bugfix: Avatar selection opens slowly 
bugfix: Accessibility - call status is not available for screen reader 
bugfix: Accessibility - MSAA State_System_Selected not set accurately in lists 
bugfix: redialling number after new number input 
bugfix: logic of blocking and adding users 
bugfix: adding SO number - the old dialog opens 
bugfix: updates language files 
bugfix: icons shown when contact not expanded 
bugfix: Addressbar unicode support 
bugfix: unknown number no avatar 
bugfix: emoticon list does not scroll with divider 
bugfix: range check error on some mood messages 
bugfix: hanging up voicemail from non-call tab 
bugfix: events panel sizing 
bugfix: updated EULA text (German version) 
bugfix: addressbar is not cleared, if you delete some kind of event from history 
bugfix: scrollbar covers the chat participants right edge 
bugfix: wrong confirmation text if selected calls are deleted 
bugfix: 98/Me - another username appears on input field 
bugfix: Import Contacts suggests to invite contacts that are already in my CL 
bugfix: eventspanel texts had different font size if system font size was changed from large to normal 
bugfix: high DPI (125% and higher) messed up the contactlist view 
new language files: Portuguese (Portugal) - Francisco Miguel Oliveira Ferreira, Arabic - ( Inc), Bulgarian - (Nikolay Filipov, Nikolina Filipova), Chinese Traditional - (Morden Chen/PChome Online), Chinese Simplified - (Leon Yang/TOM Online), Danish - (Eriksen Translations Inc), Dutch - (Kees Koenders), Czech - (Petr Silon), Estonian - (Eve Loopere), Finnish - (Heino Keränen), French - (Fabrice Imperial), German - (Claudius Henrichs & Dick Schiferli), Greek - (Panagiotis Sidiropoulos/Magenta LTD), Hungarian - (Mark Bender), Italian - (Daniele Conte), Korean - (Eriksen Translations Inc), Norwegian - (Stig Auestad), Polish - (Karol Szastok), Swedish - (Anders Olsson) 
25.10.2005 version
bugfix: fixed certain Skype calls that were vulnerable to buffer overflow (Skype Security Bulletin SKYPE-SB/2005-002) 
bugfix: fixed a bug in networking code that made Skype vulnerable to remotely induced crash (Skype Security Bulletin SKYPE-SB/2005-003) 
bugfix: Skype ring sound never stopped when call was automatically answered 
bugfix: user's avatar disappears after they are logged in continuously for 7 days 
bugfix: problems with handling Skype usernames that did not start with a letter 
bugfix: Skype passwords were occasionally not remembered during first login 
10.10.2005 version
change: voicemail check box was made to wrap text in order to fit longer texts 
bugfix: some Japanese text did not display correctly on Windows 2000 
bugfix: improved communication when detecting contacts voicemail and call forwarding privileges 
bugfix: Yen mark was not displayed correctly on Skype client 
bugifx: receiving calls from users starting with a dot produced an error 
bugfix: entering an invalid character to voicemail check box produced an error 
bugfix: importing contacts from Visit Card produced an error 
bugfix: ring sound never quit when answering a call by joining it to conference 
bugfix: starting a chat to yourself using Skype link produced an error 
bugfix: 'promote add to contacts' dialog was missing 
bugifx: Swedish EULA was missing in new user creation form 
bugfix: API access control list was unusable with high DPI settings 
new language files: German (Claudius Henrichs & Dick Schiferli) French   (Fabrice Imperial) Portuguese  Brazilian(Anna Nyström ) Hebrew  (Ronen Ben-Naftali) Russian  (Viktoria Randalainen/Tatjana Kruti) Turkish (Emin Dede) Hungarian (Mark Bender) Bulgarian (Nikolina Filipova, Nikolay Filipov) 
28.09.2005 version
feature: Call Forwarding 
feature: Skype Test Call Service prepopulated to Contact List for new users 
feature: 21 new emoticons 
feature: My Pictures: possibility to choose pictures from Expressive Content 
feature: RingToneManager for Expressive Content of audio files 
feature: Contact List accessible by Microsoft Active Accessibility 
feature: API: application-to-application communication 
feature: API notifications for contactlist selection and focus 
feature: API: set profile information 
feature: API: call forwarding via API 
feature: API: support expressive content files SET RINGTONE and AVATAR 
feature: multilingual EULA 
feature: advanced Skype links 
feature: number of friends displayed in Profile View form 
feature: possibility to set connecting sound from Options 
feature: added dynamic messages for help and tips 
feature: possibility to select and copy profile fields 
change: new layout for Getting Started Wizard 
change: Search window redesigned 
change: Add friend window redesigned 
Change: Import Contacts redesigned 
change: quicksearch on addressbar improved 
change: improved call related error messagas 
change: 'minimize' button minimizes Skype to taskbar 
change: warning dialaog added when calling to SkypeOut using callto: links 
change: option to disable authorization message popups 
change: MSN contact importer removed from Import Contacts 
change: upgrade prompt supressed if installer is launched with SILENT or VERYSILENT option 
change: removed latin spanish language 
change: option to view online release notes after installation removed 
change: option to create a Quick Launch icon removed from installer 
change: explanatory text in Profile View if user has not been online recently 
change: month names in Profile are translatable 
change: options dialog is changed to nonmodal 
change: Send Authorization dialog is changed to nonmodal 
change: main window minimum size changed 
change: new language files - Swedish (Anders Olsson), Finnish (Heino Keränen), Danish (Mathias Schwarz), Norwegian (Stig Auestad), German (Claudius Henrichs & Dick Schiferli), Dutch (Kees Koenders), French (Fabrice Imperial), Italian (Conte Daniele), Portuguese Brazilian(Anna Nyström ), Hebrew (Ronen Ben-Naftali), Russian (Viktoria Randalainen/Tatjana Kruti), Polish (Ewa Czekalska/Karol Szastok), Spanish - (David Reche), Estonian (Eve Loopere), Japanese (Tomo Suzumaru(Livedoor)/Mayu Shimizu), Greek (Panagiotis Sidiropoulos/Magenta LTD), Chinese Traditional (Morden Chen/PChome Online), Chinese Simplified (Leon Yang/TOM Online), Korean - (Daum Communications Corp), Romanian - (Paraschiv Ion & co), Turkish (Emin Dede) Arabic, Korean (Eriksen Translations Inc), Hungarian (Mark Bender), Bulgarian (Nikolina Filipova, Nikolay Filipov) Czech (Petr Silon) 
bugfix: shortcut to desktop - dropped always, despite preferences 
bugfix: changed sound channel usage,therefore improving the stability on older operating systems 
bugfix: improved Multi Chat behaviour on multiple monitors 
bugfix: authrequests do not pop up if your status is Do Not Disturb 
bugfix: optimized loading of user-language file 
bugfix: optimizations to have faster log-in 
bugfix: improved unicode handling on win98 
bugfix: status was incorrect in chat titlebar when disconnected 
bugfix: improved URL parsing in chat 
bugfix: addressbar search updated when new contact added 
bugfix: 'start skype when windows starts' option will revert to default 
bugfix: 'Enable All Sounds' option missed one checkbox in Options dialog 
bugfix: wrong folder created to Documents and Settings when changing avatar 
bugfix: toolbar texts not visible on clean install 
bugfix: improved error handling when selected sound file is too big 
bugfix: keyboard navigation in language editor 
bugfix: Ctrl+F in chat window shows non-active main window 
bugfix: toolbar buttons were not updated on some cases 
bugfix: API: Error is returned if OPEN ADDAFRIEND command has too many parameters 
bugfix: API: Using query id messed up replies to NAME and OPEN FILETRANSFER commands 
bugfix: API: During voicemail recording SEARCH ACTIVECALLS returned call id 
bugfix: API: When offline user tried to make a call with query id, error was returned without query id 
bugfix: API: Contactlist change notifications were sent when focused contact actually did not change 
bugfix: API: Other API messages were sent before “attach success” message 
26.08.2005 version
bugfix: fixed a problem with starting calls on some computers. Also known as error 6101 when starting a call. 
bugfix: fixed problems with HTTP proxy and SOCKS proxy authentication 
bugfix: call quality improvements 
04.08.2005 version
bugfix: call quality is improved for users with restrictive firewalls and routers 
08.07.2005 version
bugfix: fixed sound quality problems when not using headset (echo cancellation) 
06.07.2005 version
bugfix: online users count was displayed as 0 or not displayed at all under some circumstances 
29.06.2005 version
bugfix: chat messages sometimes not sent 
bugfix: 'Country/Region' was partly hidden behind input field in Advanced Search 
22.06.2005 version
change: Added new translations and language files 
bugfix: Changed icon for "Clear Call List" in context menu 
bugfix: API: Removed item from manage API access control dialog 
bugfix: Contacts sometimes appear as "Online" when they are not actually connected 
18.06.2005 version
bugfix: if e-mail field was empty in profile, Skype generated excessive traffic under some circumstances 
13.06.2005 version
known issue: when you have chatted a lot, new version startup might
take several minutes 
feature: improved Contact Importers 
feature: Voicemail subscribers can leave voicemails to anyone 
feature: animated emoticons 
feature: missed events panel 
feature: services panel 
feature: possibility to send multiple authorization requests from one window 
feature: Arabic (Eriksen Translations based on Skype user ketkat-666 translation), Hungarian (Peter Simon), Bulgarian (Nikolina Filipova & Nikolay Filipov), Czech (Petr Silon) and Turkish (Emin Dede) languages added 
feature: improved Profile 
feature: main menu -> help -> Getting Started Wizard 
feature: automatically answer the call option is back 
change: VM options visible to everyone 
change: Receive contacts: requesting authorization through one
single form 
change: removed calltab toolbar 
change: added hold and mute buttons to main toolbar 
change: improved chats and calls connectivity behind proxy 
change: improved logging in behind proxy 
change: improved Central Contact List 
change: if a SkypeIn call is sent to voicemail, custom greeting is
change: new splash and About images 
change: updated translations in Chinese Simplified (TOM Online), Chinese Traditional (PChome Online), Swedish (Anders Olsson), Finnish (Heino Keränen), Danish (Mathias Schwarz), Norwegian (Stig Auestad), German (Claudius Henrichs & Dick Schiferli), Dutch (Kees Koenders), French (Fabrice Imperial), Italian (Conte Daniele), Greek (Magneta Ltd, Panagiotis Sidiropoulos), Japanese (Livedoor), Hebrew (Ronen Ben-Naftali), Russian (Viktoria Randalainen), Romanian (Paraschiv Ion), Polish (Karol Szastok), Spanish (Angel Dominguez Jimenez), Portuguese Brazil (Carlos Pires and Anna Christina Nyström) 
bugfix: current status is disabled in onlinestatus selector menus 
bugfix: File Transfer toolbar button disabled if address bar does
not contain valid Skype Name 
bugfix: range check errors when moving window on dual-monitor setup 
bugfix: accessibilty — extra large fonts support improved 
bugfix: some login and startup related issues cleared 
bugfix: could not bookmark a chat without topic 
bugfix: rare access violation in 'Manage blocked users' 
bugfix: multiple language support in search 
bugfix: trayicon did not always respond correctly to doubleclicks 
bugfix: close the search tab if no results found 
bugfix: status not updated when USB phone is used 
bugfix: options: Sound Alert keeps playing 
bugfix: call history context menu 'listen' is now visible only on
20.04.2005 version
feature: SkypeOut Quality Feedback form is launched after a portion of SkypeOut calls 
change: Skype client default width increased from 280px to 310px 
change: Migrated key functionality on Call Tab toolbar to main client toolbar 
bugfix: Skype API -- prevent Access Control dialog from being bypassed by an already authorized, but modified API client 
bugfix: Skype was unable to start when its configuration files were corrupted under some circumstances 
06.04.2005 version
change: improved translations 
change: improved chats and calls connectivity behind proxy 
change: improved logging in behind proxy 
change: improved Central Contact List 
change: if a SkypeIn call is sent to voicemail, custom greeting is played 
change: mute microphone for 200 ms when playing DTMF tones to avoid echocancellation interfering with tones 
bugfix: installer failed to write avatars to destination directory on some setups 
bugfix: calls between version 1.2 and version 1.1 or older did not work in some rare cases, there may have been silence or noise in both directions 
bugfix: entire chat was resynced in some cases 
23.03.2005 version
feature: Central Contacts List 
feature: Voicemail 
feature: SkypeIn 
feature: Getting Started Wizard 
feature: Promote Add To Contacts 
feature: toolbar added to call tab 
feature: File Transfer - ability to select multiple files to send 
feature: Import/Export contactlist from/to vCard 
feature: API: possible to initiate conference 
feature: added exitsurvey when Skype is uninstalled 
feature: chat /alertson * /alertsoff 
change: improved voice quality 
change: improved connectivity on XP SP2 
change: Options dialog - usability improvements 
change: new sounds 
change: file transfer: increased relayed transfer speed to 1500 bytes/sec 
change: Option to automatically close ft window when transfer is complete 
change: notification on entering SkypeMe mode changed to confirmation 
change: Send Contacts: possibility to send PSTN numbers 
change: Send Contacts form closed when all selected contacts added 
change: content of user profile phone fields is displayed in Contact List as links only if it's valid Skype contact identity 
change: prank call warning re-designed 
change: the number of simultaneous File Transfers limited to 50 
change: user selectable font size and type in Chat 
change: reversed pending authorization requests order on start-tab 
change: Import Contacts - bundled MSN, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Opera Contact Importers 
change: new translations: Swedish (Anders Olsson), Finnish (Heino Keränen), Danish (Mathias Schwarz), Norwegian (Stig Auestad), German (Claudius Henrichs & Dick Schiferli), Dutch (Kees Koenders), French (Fabrice Imperial), Italian (Conte Daniele), Portuguese (Mikhail Sukhoy/Carlos Pires ), Hebrew (Ronen Ben-Naftali), Russian (Jevgeni Levin), Polish (Karol Szastok), Spanish (Eriksen Translations), Estonian (Eve Loopere), Japanese (Tomo Suzumaru/Livedoor), Greek (Panagiotis Sidiropoulos/Magenta LTD), Chinese Traditional (Morden Chen/PChome Online), Chinese Simplified (Rachael Wang/TOM Online), Korean - (Daum Communications Corp) - with our thanks 
bugfix: improved 'Automatically check for updates' 
bugfix: My Skype Picture — files with jpeg extentions were not shown 
bugfix: 'accept authorization' buttons were not translatable 
bugfix: in some cases API did not deny access properly 
bugfix: API: "AUDIO IN" and "AUDIO OUT" commands did not read double byte driver names correctly 
bugfix: API: command BTN_PRESSED E failed with error 71 invalid key 
bugfix: API: command IMHISTORYCHANGED didn't work 
bugfix: API: mute from UI is communicated to API 
bugfix: API: No notification were shown when the user changed audio device 
bugfix: handling URL links in chat improved 
bugfix: Send Contacts: Add Selected button disabled, if contacts are unchecked 
bugfix: Send Contacts: username was displayed twice, if fullname was not chosen 
bugfix: Send Contacts: username and fullame were placed differently on sender's and receiver's side 
bugfix: unchecking Show Emoticons hided emoticons toolbar in IM windows 
bugfix: resource leak and potential crash condition fixed, related to traynotifications 
bugfix: addressbar quickfilter did not show all matches on some cases 
bugfix: avatar browser: select added image by default 
bugfix: doubleclicking on last (partially visible item in contactlist) acted on wrong contact 
bugfix: when conference call host runs out of skypeOut credits during call correct error messages are displayed 
bugfix: SkypeIn/SkypeOut error codes are displayed during conference calls 
bugfix: improved SkypeOut links handling in Chat window 
bugfix: installer now tries to shut down skype 10 times instead of 1 during install and uninstall 
bugfix: possible to add conference participant from addressbar with conference button 
bugfix: going automatically to 'Not Available' status was not working if AutoAway was set to 0 
bugfix: uninstaller behaviour improved 
bugfix: timestamps added to 'click here to see previous messages' link 
bugfix: installer reuses language selection 
bugfix: avatar browser did not work with multiple accounts 
bugfix: unicode character sorting was inconsistent 
bugfix: sometimes after a person had left Multi Chat, the person was still shown in participants list 
bugfix: default style emoticons have timestamps 
bugfix: sometimes number of copied chars were calculated wrong in chat 
bugfix: file transfer notification had missing content in some cases 
bugfix: text highlighting in chat improved 
bugfix: if file was renamed before saving, old filename was shown in dialog 
bugfix: Startup splash text was broken in German 
bugfix: edit profile: rare 'scan line index' out of range bug fixed 
bugfix: '&' was escaped in recent- and bookmarked chat menus 
bugfix: invalid handling of SkypeOut number when redialing from failed call tab 
bugfix: too long avatar file names did not fit to avatar browser 
bugfix: search results: ordering by birth date did not work on rare cases 
bugfix: conference holding issues 
bugfix: tooltips were missing in search results 
30.01.2005 version
change: improved communication security 
change: allow empty bodies to /topic and /me 
change: /alertson and /alertsoff in group chat 
change: improved detection for roaming conditions 
change: improved computer idle detection 
bugfix: some memory leaks patched 
bugfix: memberlist was incomplete in rare cases 
18.01.2005 version
feature: chat bookmarking 
change: new language files (Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese) 
bugfix: chat crash if PC uptime is >24days fix 
bugfix: potential memory leak 
bugfix: access violations with Phone API devices 
05.01.2005 version
feature: new text chat with up to 50 users 
feature: better interoperability with Windows XP firewall 
feature: pop-up menu for several items on Start tab 
feature: added link to 'Import Contacts' on empty Contacts List 
feature: new Contacts List implementation 
feature: new style tray notifications 
feature: new big-button toolbar in main window 
change: new API protocol 3 
change: new translations: German (Claudius Henrichs, D. H Schiferli, Frank Knipprath), Danish (Mathias Schwarz), Estonian (Eve Loopere), English, Italian (Daniele Conte), Japanese (Tomo Suzumaru/Livedoor), Spanish (Angel Dominguez), Finnish (Heino Keränen), Greek (Panagiotis Sidiropoulos/Magenta LTD), Dutch (Kees Koenders), French (Guy Pluta), Norwegian (Stig Auestad, Gunnar Holmstad), Polish (Karol Szastok), Russian (Jevgeni Levin), Swedish (Anders Olsson), Chinese Traditional (Morden Chen/PChome Online) and Chinese Simplified (Rachael Wang/TOM Online) - with our thanks 
change: SkypeOut error messages visible with default window size 
change: connectivity improvements 
change: user presence detection improvements 
change: installer compression improvements 
change: optimized after-call events to reduce after-call processor usage peaks 
change: instead of 'fullname (handle)' only handle is displayed if fullname = handle 
change: tools menu rearranged 
change: disabled options set to invisible 
change: enabled multi-selection in Contacts List using keyboard 
change: Import Contacts - added progress percentage 
change: Import Contacts - usability changes 
change: all resizable Skype windows now have a size grip 
change: File Transfer — usability changes 
change: Send Contacts behaviour improved 
change: new icons 
change: main window tabs more XP-like 
change: Change Password and Send Contacts error messages use Skype default error dialog 
change: application and main form menu icons are now 32bit 
bugfix: fixed callto:// handling in case Skype was not running 
bugfix: No pop-ups if user status set to 'Do Not Disturb' 
bugfix: access violation during hanging up a SkypeOut call fixed 
bugfix: with invalid avatar data is handled correctly 
bugfix: green button always places a call 
bugfix: green button resumes if call is held 
bugfix: Contacts are not shown on the invite page if they are already in Skype and e-mail or fullname matches one found from address book 
bugfix: Import Contacts - cancelling search closes the dialog 
bugfix: Import Contacts - dialog was blank until Skype was granted access to Outlook 
bugfix: faster start up and Contacts List updates 
bugfix: fixed unicode handling in authorize form hints 
bugfix: avatar browser now accepts unicode chars in filename and path 
bugfix: unicode characters in filtered call history are displayed 
bugfix: mainform tab captions unicode-enabled 
bugfix: hourglass was displayed during Import Contacts search 
bugfix: user profile view form did not allow dragging the window from some locations 
bugfix: conference call tab behaviour improved 
bugfix: uninstaller now also removes avatars folder 
bugfix: new installer language dropdown 
bugfix: about screen uses installer language 
bugfix: address bar autocompletion dropdown uses the right font 
bugfix: SkypeOut contact menu has irrelevant items disabled 
bugfix: fixed a memory leak during conference call 
bugfix: rare access violation while importing Contacts 
bugfix: authorization form beautification 
bugfix: address bar autocompletion behaviour improved 
24.11.2004 version
feature: added support for configuring HTTPS and SOCKS5 proxies 
change: internal connection improvement 
12.11.2004 version
bugfix: internal data handling fix 
bugfix: buffer overflow fix 
26.10.2004 version
change: updated language files for chinese and japanese 
bugfix: Skype gave access violation after ending a SkypeOut call under rare circumstances 
bugfix: Skype gave access violation on calling SkypeOut contact from call-> menu 
21.10.2004 version
feature: watermarks 
feature: Import Contacts (in Tools menu) 
feature: "Send file to Skype contact" shell extension in Windows Explorer 
feature: language editor now remembers load and store paths 
feature: addressbar auto-completion with contactlist names 
feature: addressbar now accepts fullname for calling 
feature: adding a new SkypeOut number to Contacts from Call tab 
feature: transparency-gradient selection bar 
feature: Skype API 
change: updated many language files 
change: when adding a contact, click Next in Finished dialog takes to first screen and empties the userhandle editbox 
change: default autoaway and auto-na times are now 5 and 20 minutes 
change: webpage and e-mail limit changed to 100 in personal profile 
bugfix: if Language Editor is open in background, but somewhere in the back, choosing from menu "Tools -> Edit Skype Language File" will bring this window in front 
bugfix: Start Tab content was not displayed if connection was made "too quickly" 
bugfix: if Manage Blocked Users window is open in background, "Tools -> Manage Blocked Users" brings this window in front 
bugfix: calltab is correctly updated if 2nd call drops off the conference during conference hold 
bugfix: IM: commas do not break links anymore 
bugfix: tooltips containing a pipe symbol are now displayed correctly 
bugfix: addressbar history dropdown items can be deleted with 'del' 
bugfix: contactlist/callhistory tooltip is capable of displaying unicode 
bugfix: adding existing SkypeOut contacts to Contacts correctly disabled in call history 
bugfix: IM - links with smileys are handled correctly 
bugfix: better time estimate message for file transfers over 24 hours long 
bugfix: links with ( dont work in IM 
bugfix: File Transfer - Unicode characters in filename handled correctly 
bugfix: File Transfer remembers the target directory 
bugfix: conference topic is correctly displayed if contains non-ASCII characters 
bugfix: conference participant's information correctly updated 
bugfix: if non-host put conference on hold, it messed up the other non-hosts' conference tabs 
bugfix: in some cases 'conference username' stayed in Menu.Call->Hold after dismissing conference. 
bugfix: Contact List ordered correctly after SkypeOut number added 
bugfix: File Transfer - message shown when trying to send a file to a blocked person 
bugfix: File Transfer - fixed case when file extension got lost 
bugfix: reduced flicker when resizing IM window 
bugfix: all Skype dialogs placed in the middle of the screen 
bugfix: many Unicode handling fixes 
18.08.2004 version
feature: added hotkey to mute microphone 
feature: Greek and Norwegian language added 
feature: installer accepts /nostartup cmd paramater 
feature: "start skype when windows starts" checkbox on Create user/login form 
feature: added 'send file' menu items to CallTab menu and call History menu 
feature: FileTransfer - when no programm is associated to received file, standard Windows open dialog is displayed 
change: new language files - French, Dutch, German, Simplified Chinese 
change: beautification of send and receive contacts and critical error report dialogs 
change: e-mail addresses with subdomains starting with a number allowed 
change: special text is displayed if user has contacts but none of them are online, and only online contacts are to be displayed 
change: incoming call is not rejected any more if one auto-answered call is active 
bugfix: ShowEmoticons option working again 
bugfix: Access Violation on cancelling FileTransfer 
bugfix: "return" keys are handled correctly on Autorization window 
bugfix: Manage Blocked Users window title corrected 
bugfix: "Cancel" is now the default choice in Authorize dialog 
bugfix: warning message if sending Messages not authorized by you 
bugfix: smaller than 1kB files size is shown in bytes 
bugfix: critical error report falls back to opening browser window when necessary 
bugfix: user profile fields length limited 
bugfix: send contacts is finished clearer to the user 
bugfix: big smileys with small d-s accepted (:d, :-d, :=d) 
bugfix: ignored call is displayed on the start-tab as missed as soon as the call is finished. 
bugfix: start conference title corrected 
bugfix: error on sending contacts when other part had not authorized You 
bugfix: installer detected only standard French as French language in regional settings 
bugfix: main window got only partially visible status when opened by click on tray balloon on some cases 
bugfix: authorization dialog unicode handling corrected 
bugfix: authorization dialog did not fit long text 
bugfix: avatars shown correctly on authorization dialogs 
bugfix: double messages in Message window when reopening the window 
bugfix: Skype crashed on logging in as a new user 
bugfix: when logging out or changing user all FileTransfer windows are closed 
bugfix: error updating existing speed-dial for a user 
03.08.2004 version
feature: add SkypeOut numbers to contacts from call history 
feature: drag and drop files to the IM window 
change: new German, Danish and traditional Chinese language files 
change: login - next button disabled until username and password is entered 
bugfix: 3-character emoticons displayed correctly now 
bugfix: unicode characters in username in IM are displayed correctly 
bugfix: about window text spacing corrected. 
bugfix: Skype windows too sensitive to Esc 
bugfix: file transfer filtering and file extension issues are improved 
bugfix: about and splash correctly resized to image dimensions 
bugfix: tab navigating in username suggestion page 
bugfix: add a contact gets focus 
bugfix: fixed a bad bitmap which caused hangup with Win98 
bugfix: double paste in add a friend dialogue 
bugfix: all calltab avatar context menu items follow 'show images in menus' settings 
bugfix: less time to load emoticons 
bugfix: error message when trying to open IM with Yourself 
bugfix: fixed GDI objects leak, could cause OS crashes 
27.07.2004 Skype for Windows
change: updated Chinese Traditional language file 
bugfix: fixed crash on Windows 98/ME 
27.07.2004 Skype for Windows
change: new EULA 
change: Skype default sounds provided by Tzar Production 
change: minor text changes 
change: changed progressbar colors 
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